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Roof Repair Guide


Can I Install My Own Roof?


 You are most probably reading this article because your home or cabin needs a new roof.  Does it bug you if you can install your metal roof on your own?  If you were able to have sufficient knowledge about roof installation, then most probably, you can install your own metal roof.


 First and foremost, if you want to install a metal roof, the first thing that you have to do is to choose the right material.  The materials that you should choose should be compatible and appropriate to your existing roof's pitch, framing and metal roof panels or else the installation of roof would be difficult, so , some of the materials needed are; hardware, flashing and decking.  So that you won't have a difficult time buying hardware and thinking f how many roof panels do you need, it's good that you bring with you a detailed drawing, hence, you already know what to do.


 There are instances where the new roofing installation is being installed above the existing roofing materials, if that's the case, you need to install furring strips and asphalt paper between the new and existing roof.  Of course, to make sure that you are doing the job correctly and quickly, you should see to it that you have assembled the correct tools beforehand.  Before doing the job, you must see to it that you have read the manufacturer's instructions for installations in order to become extra careful with the precautions.


 Knowing the pitch of your existing roof decking will give you a knowledge whether your roof has a good drainage or not.  The reason behind why you have to check your roof decking is because there are different designs by Residential Roof Repair Palm Desert for each metal roofing, thus, they also have different roof pitch requirements.  Your roof needs to have a pitch first before you can select a design for a particular pitch.  Not all roofs are high, some are low, if this is the case, then you have to get an additional sealant and hardware in order to achieve a watertight roof.  Exterior fastener is highly recommended in metal roofing installation, however, you can also use the interior fastener since either of the two will work.  The Kind of roofing panel that you will choose will determine if what type of flashing, trims and fasteners will be used.


 Eye protection, fastening tools, small hand-held metal snips for cutting around obstructions, carbide blade good for metal cutting, power saw, nibbler attachment for your cordless drill to cut across panels, dedicated impact driver for large roofing job, a cordless drill that has fastener attachment for small roofing job and gloves with a good grip are the materials for Roof Installations Palm Desert that you will need if you want to install metal roofing.